Cisco QuickLinks – Finding Cisco UCS info…FAST!

So, I know that Cisco’s website is not the easiest to navigate. There are times that I get frustrated trying to find some document that I know I read recently and I just can’t locate it again. Thankfully, someone at Cisco on the UCS team decided to do something about it. Dan Debusschere maintains a site that you will want to bookmark – That’s what I love about this team – rarely do you hear a complaint without a simultaneous suggestion for improvement. I can some up the usefulness of the site by saying that at some point, you will find yourself needing one of these things:

  • An error message in UCS that you need to decode.
  • A comprehensive understanding of what service offerings are available with Cisco UCS
  • Cisco’s Visio Stencils (Yeah, yeah, I know “they’re not on like every other company” – believe me, if I had a quick fix for that one, I would have already done it!)
  • Interoperability information on UCS
  • The programmer’s guide to our XML API
  • End of life info on Cisco products
  • Information on integrating 3rd party management with UCS
  • Cisco UCS [insert vendor] benchmark results
  • A listing of every city that has a UCS User Group established
  • Or one of dozens of other commonly needed links…

If you don’t see what you need on this site, and you go to that site often enough, let Dan know on: The idea is to be comprehensive without being tedious. You want the site to be “quick” and not a 13 page listing of every site that contains the letters “UCS”. It’s the google approach of “keeping it simple” and I think he’s done a great job. Go out and take a look.

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