Cool New UCS Feature–Firmware Sync

So, I had to fix a broken UCS fabric interconnect the other day and I wrote about it here. In that experience, I came across a new feature that is pretty cool. I wish I could say which version of UCS introduced this, but I’m not that “close” to each UCS release these days. But I know it works if the FI is running at least 2.1.3 because that is what I was on. Continue reading

Erasing a single UCS FI

So, I recently noticed that nowhere on the web (that I could find) is it documented what happens when you run “erase configuration” on a single Fabric Interconnect that is part of a cluster. Does it erase the configuration on just that one FI or does it erase the whole UCS “system” as the command warning says? I know the suspense is killing you….Well, it’s just the single FI an it leaves the other FI and the full configuration intact. This is useful if you need to rebuild the config of a single FI that is part of a cluster.